AVS Media Player

AVS Media Player

Video and audio playback with customisable surround sound system
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AVS Media Player, in a nutshell, is a software to watch videos and listen to music. You can use this program as an all-in-one tool for your multimedia needs.
The UI is modern and clutter free. You will notice that the icons on the main window are small and the grayish theme does not work with the overall interface. If you could change the theme or just make the icons a bit larger, it would be great, but sadly, you cannot. AVS Media Player supports almost all video and audio formats, common ones such as MP4, MKV, FLAC, MP3 and rare ones such as M1V, MTS, SND, MP+, to name a few. The software played every media file I threw at it and that goes on to prove how capable and dependable it is for media playback.

To enhance your viewing experience, this software has an intuitive speaker environment system, which customizes the sound based on your room, speaker system, and your position in the room. There is also an audio visualizer built in the software that offers a number of visualizations to go with your audio files. Sadly, this program has no equalizer, and that may be the deal breaker for some. You can also take screenshots when watching videos with this program and it supports subtitles as well.

To sum up, AVS Media Player is a very capable playback software. Minus the equalizer and the theme, I found it to be perfect for anyone who is looking for a dependable software to watch videos and listen to audios. I recommend it as an alternative to media players such as VLC.

Arnav Sinha
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  • Supports all major audio and video formats
  • View your images
  • Audio Visualizer and subtitle editor
  • Customizable sound environment system


  • No equalizer
  • Small icons in main window
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